Gorge DH build session, and ride

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The Gorge
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Saturday, October 3 2009 at 8:00am

Hey people.

There will be a Gorge Session this Saturday at 8am. Jamie and I will be building a roof over the start tower, doing some other minor maintenance, and then shredding the gnar. evrybody is welcome.


i can not make it guys!!! sigh sigh... but i was wondering if u guys would like some shingles ( and not the disease)

^^^^ I think we're good shingle wise. I have some stashed from years past if we absolutely need to put some on the new wood features race day. The new bridges are pretty grippy though...........

Hey Dave do you think you might be able to do on Sunday I think I'm going to have to work on Saturday but anytime on Sunday will be good. If you wanted to go out Saturday night that would work to.

Oh ya....we can do Sunday too. What time?????

 Count me in for Sunday afternoon!!!!!

I could be available for some trail work on Sunday as well. I could shred the trail on my virtual bike after. Let me know what time sunday you guys are going.



whatever time works for you Dave I know you have somethings to work around on the weekend

so I'm good anytime.

I'll speak to the boss tonight and post a time for Sunday .

looks like not so nice weather for Sunday...........boooo

How about as of now we'll make this a work session at the Gorge for Sunday at 10am.....weather pending. I don't mind working in the rain but, but not so much in a downpoor.

I can make myself avaiabe from 10-1130 ish-weather permitting -for the same reason as you Dave. Do you need me to bring anything???


sounds good I'll meet you there at the start gate

Jason..............Meet me at the parking area behind the Condos. We can drive your truck up with the tools. I don't think you need to bring anything. I'm bringing my saw, whipper snipper, shovel and tamper.

I'd like to do some dirt work after the tower in addition the roof structure.

hold up..........................the rain is looking like it might hold up a bit in the morning so I'm going to go in at 9am.............................if its actually not raining I might do some runs before we work.

you go ahead and ride for 9 and I will meet you behind the condos at 10.

you go ahead and ride for 9 and I will meet you behind the condos at 10.

I am hoping to ride the gorge thanksgiving weekend, is anyone else? i'd like some company...  :D

Saturday or Sunday??????

I'm working nights but I likely can get out for a rip...

great, Saturday would would be good, what time do you think?

how about lunchtime'ish

what trails are you guys riding?


I want to take my wife out there thanksgiving weekend too and let her experience the flow of teh valley, she is a noob, so it would be slow...

I'll be riding the Race trail at the Gorge....