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This is the place to discuss trail information, trail conditions, work days and anything else involved with what is quickly becoming HRM's favorite trail system.

bridge over troubled waters

I like

thanks to the builders


Looks like good weather for snoeshoe trail packing today

I am going up at 1pm if anyone is interested.

It would be good to get as much packed as possible before the rain tonight.

hopefully It will freeze up nice for riding next week.

Spider Lake - January 14 @ 19:30

Spider Lake
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Ride Date: 
Friday, January 14 2011 at 7:30pm

Is anyone interested in snowshoeing Friday night around 7:30 at Spider lake?  

Recommended Minimum Skill Level: Intermediate

I am looking for a map

That shows the property lines around Spider lake and who owns what

Spyder lake on Friday afternoon (July 2)

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Ride Date: 
Friday, July 2 2010 at 1:00pm

Looking to ride Spyder lake on Friday afternoon! Email me at rjjulien@yahoo.com



Recommended Minimum Skill Level: Intermediate

Traverse at Spider

I have been picking away at traverse. Was up again today and cleared another section with only one to go. It is rideable though so go for it!

Skull trail

All things Skull

Trail conditions 2010

April 9

The trails are drying nicely.

The top of the Inner Piece is still wet

Some work has started fixing up the trails from the tree cutting damage.

The replacement route for the humps needs to be landscaped

The Traverse trail still needs to be cleaned up, 80% is clear.

devastated by the lack of trees but........

jim, sean, and others involved..... good job. didn't get to see things on the ribbon side, but was pleasantly surprised at what i saw coming in from fire rd to top of hill.

So if were to go to Spider Lake on Saturday...

...should I bring my bike or my snowshoes?


I think I PM'ed everyone with this by mistake.  Sorry!  I always get the Group Post / Broadcast buttone mixed up.



Winter riding conditions

This is where you can post updates on the conditions of the trails in the Spider Lake area.

Make Peace with Inner Peace - Sunday, November 22 at High Noon!

Hi Gang,

This Sunday, November 22, I would like to take a crew in to Spider Lake to do a little work on the Inner Peace section of the trail. This line has taken a lot of abuse over the past few weeks with all the wet weather riding, and it's time we gave back to the trail for all of the good rides it has given us!

Who took the tools?

From the start of the Skull trail.

The only thing left from the stash was the pink flags


whopper sept 12th@13th

whopper trail work this coming weekend, anyone up for it? we also can discuss future ideas for spider, maybe, because i have a couple ideas jingling around in my head.

Ride tonight!


As previously discussed, tonight will be this week's chill ride at 6:30, end of Spider Lake Rd.  We'll do the usual beginner/chill group ride from 6:30-8:00, and then those interested can fuel up and do skull trail with the aid of halogen bulbs and xenon gas.  

See y'all there!  




Great Ride Tonight!

Great ride tonight everyone!  Conditions were amazing and I was stoked to see some new faces!

Till next week,



Spider lake ride tonight!!!!

Spider Lake
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Ride Date: 
Tuesday, August 18 2009 at 7:33pm

 I am riding this evening at spider lake if anybody wants to join me, 730 ish start time. Will probably ride all the new stuff or depending on who shows, maybe skull trail. the blueberries are out so it's worth the trip down skull:)

Recommended Minimum Skill Level: Intermediate

Composite Map of Spider Lake

I've pulled together a few different maps to give an idea of the state of land at Spider Lake.

www.oneseven.ca/spider_composite_3.png (I guess I could have uploaded first, then linked, but this was just done quickly)


Others that are more in the know than me, please comment.


The black lines are the current property lines that the province uses for property tax assessments.

The light green area is crown land.

Current Conditions

So what's it like in there?  I've been away for a week!

Any info on logging?

If anyone has any info on the logging operation at Spider Lake please post up!

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