Information for Road Racers: Ability-Based Categories and Point Series Policies

Bicycle Nova Scotia has done some re-structuring for road categories over the past seasons and riders are noting the benefits. Riders seem to be enjoying their events more, and getting more satisfaction from the ride. This is due to closer, more exciting races.

Hook on to the peleton this season and test your legs. If you've got a road bike and have been wanting to try racing - this is a great season to join a club, hone your skills a little bit and get out for a race. You never know, you might find your next new favorite thing to do!

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Speed relies on upon your class, and the quantity of individuals riding in your pack. The greater the pack, the quicker can someone do my assignment it can go. When you enter an occasion, there is regularly data accessible on a site concerning the separation and begin times. Try not to expect incredible results as a fledgling, unless you are as of now preparing with other individuals who are experienced racers. Doing great in a race is as much about knowing race technique as it is about how quick you can pedal. In the event that you end up in the wrong part of the pack at the wrong time, it is anything but difficult to be release the back, and once you lose the pack it is practically difficult to make up for lost time.