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It's been about a month since I'd thrown myself on the CCX.  When you neglect your bike it reminds you that you shouldn't have!  My last ride on the CCX was a cross ride and I wanted to throw down on a road ride so I had to change the tires.  Last night was supposed to be the ride night but when changing those tires I managed to snap off the threaded insert of the valve stem of one of my road tubes.  I'm certain that I have a spare tube somewhere, but given that it had been a month since I'd worried about it, it might as well have been on the moon.  A trip to the LBS today at noon, two tubes later and I'm back on schedule for a ride.


It had been over a week since Untamed New England and recovery has gone well.  I've been watching the Tour de France for two weeks as well... I was anxious to ride!  The plan was to do the 35 km loop from Lake Echo, to Porter's Lake, and back through Lawrencetown and Mineville.  Heading down the No. 7 Highway through Lake Echo is always a nice warm up.  Unfortunately my neglect for the CCX became evident right away with bad ghost shifting.  I vaguely remember having great intentions of tightening my shifter cables.  Unfortunately my barrel adjusters were of no help, I had to live with the ghost shifting.  Every time it happened I figure the CCX had a little chuckle at my expense.


I struggled with the first climb.  Where was CK to pull?  (Apparently riding at Spider Lake!)  I was surprised how much harder it was riding alone as opposed to with someone else.  I was expecting the ride to feel relatively easy on account of the 230 km or more riding I did on the Epic during Untamed.  Instead I felt as though the legs hadn't recovered as much as I thought!  Hammering through Porters Lake went well and coming out at Lawrencetown Beach I was at just over 40 minutes.  I managed to shut the brain off while heading up Lawrencetown Road to Mineville Road and although I didn't make great time I was consistent.  Then came the dreaded climb on Mineville Road.  Fortunately most of the sand is gone from the sharp turn, but it's still very sharp and to take it properly requires you to veer into oncoming traffic!  Fortunately nothing was coming so I could, but by the time I confirmed no cars coming at be or from behind I'd lost most of my speed.  That climb isn't fun without a run up!  The ghost shifting didn't help either.  The road home involved a bit of a push.  I was hoping to average 30 km/hr and my legs were beginning to come back to me so I went for it and ended up finishing the ride with an average speed of 29.2 km/hr.  Not bad for me.  With CK I'm sure we could have done much better than 30 km/hr.  It's no Tour pace, but it's getting there!


So the CCX needs some love, and I need some more time on it's saddle! I'm really enjoying both road riding and cyclocross riding.  I'm still surprised at the versatility of the cyclocross bike. I should really get it out on some singletrack again, I'll be careful changing my tires!


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